greetings, y'all

I'm Gillian, the Artist.

I live and work in Pioneertown, ca

(I moved here in mid 2020 after a good decade making art in san francisco).

I make mixed media collage artworks and sculpture full-time.  Most of my pieces are handmade, one-of-a-kind large-scale artworks. 

Some people describe it as psychedelic, and I suppose those dreams of mine that inspire the art WERE in fact pretty psychedelic. 

*fun fact,* you don't need drugs to contact the other side - you're already there! ;)

My work has evolved from photography, to digital collage, to hand cut photo collage, painting, and now, mixed media wall sculpture, and yes, even music.


I've been making art as "enlightenment barbie" since 2014, following a sudden possibly maniacal spiritual zap from beyond that left me fearless to create boldly and pursue a wild vision.

Caution to the wind, baby.

before that, I got a bachelor of Fine Arts at the good ol University of Idaho in 2010.

That's right, f*ing Idaho. Thanks for that one, Jesus!  (no, seriously, I was an evangelical christian who showed up to church hungover)...


In my shop, you'll find a selection of my digital collage prints, and prints of my original art, as well as my *oracle card deck* inspired by the tarot and using all my own images from years past.

I begin my artwork with my photographs of women, who are friends, models and muses- as well as self portraits.  I comb through vintage illustrations and my own photo archives of landscapes, architecture, and places I've visited to find the perfect visual material to work with. 

I compose an image in Photoshop, then work from there- 

in collage artworks, I get large scale printouts of my elements and hand cut these pieces and assemble them on panel with additional findings, paints and textures.  These collages are sealed with resin.

I also create pieces that are painted, starting with a digital composition. (it all starts with the digital composition.)

I have created a mini-book called the Super Duper Holy Bible, which you can find on this site (and also buy in the store, yay)

The pandemic saw my husband and I moving into a trailer, so until I could build my art studio, I focused on writing, recording, and producing my first ever album, called *sense of impending dawn* under the moniker *golden evil* which you will also find on this site (and purchase if you fancy it!)

As of 2021, I am creating sculptural works-

using cardboard, foil, tape, glue, plaster, buttons, clay, recycled plastic and cans, beads, and other collage *items*.

My highest goal is to build a chapel on my land,

a church of my artwork.

Hey, if Michaelangelo painted that ceiling, I mean,

don't try and stop me, ok? ;)

for faq's visit the contact page.

Love you! <3

hey. thinking is hard work.

I do my best thinkin' when I look at my body of work as a whole.

>as pictured duh<

If you're triggered by someone being kinda fucking self-indulgent, ask yourself why, then remember what teal swan said, that you get triggered when you see her because she's the unversal mirror or whatever.

NOPE- she's not

I'm not either,

and unfortuately she is a psychopath.

(uhm and she miiight be a little more self indulgent than thsi dumb website...)


sometimes you have to look your own self in the mirror to understand why anything happens at all.

Sometimes you don't need a teacher to do it for you.

Actually, *all the time*


my bad

IF AND ONLY IF you have the capacity to be BRUTALLY FUCKING HONEST with yourself.

(If not, well, good luck w/ur new age delusions bae)

You can become your own teacher and trust your experience,


I mean, goddamn,

everything can flow from there.

My husband once told me (I guess this is somewhere in the bible but my wise ass missed it)


be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

You can't do much better than that.

If you can, 

email me.

I'd like to have a drink with you.

Here's to life after covid, bitchesssssss


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