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FAQ's, maaan.

will you ship outside north america?

Yaaas queen, check out the worldwide shipping tab and hit me up.

are your big, amazing originals for sale?

Yas again, you can see what's available for sale in >portfolio >available art.

currently all my stuff is either in storage (along with all my clothes and furniture), or being looked after by a friend or gallery- but soon I can resume sales.

My art studio is being built soon, at which point I can like, have things to sell you.

Jill, those are expensive artz-

can I get a discount?

maybe - let's talk about it! send me an email and an offer.

Can I pay for original art in installments?

YEA!  Email me and we can see what works for us both.

Yeah- when tf will your shop open again?!

Patience is a virtue, y'all, I get it.  Like I said, once I get my studio built, you will be able to order beautiful things again! :D 

(it's been delayed for a couple months but it's soooo close...)

Where can I see your art now?

I have art being looked after at 417 Sutter in SF CA, Parlor Gallery in Jersey, Mystic Rose in Fairfax CA and maybe someone's nice house ;) Keep tabs on the 'gram for updates on shows n stuff.

Wait... you moved?!

Yep!  After ten years in San Francisco, my husband and our dog and I moved out to our land in Pioneertown, CA.  I will always love the City, but it was time.

I hope to show art in the City again someday.  I will also be looking for shows in LA and down in Yucca/Jt in the future.

What's with your new shipping policy?

When I open my online shop back up, I will ship orders once a month only. Orders placed till the 10th of each month will be shipped on the 15th of the month.

Any orders placed after the 10th will be shipped the following month on the 15th.


Because it's my shop. lol.  no, But really, it's because of my remote location, work flow, and honestly just peace of mind- it's best if I don't have to take a trip to the post office every week, because I may not even get to town every week for groceries.. 

Dig it?  Dig it! :D

Do you take commissions?

No, I usually don't, anymore.  If you have mega dollars we can talk tho.

how about album art?

I can do that- I usually do stuff like that for friends, or if I really dig the music.

But if I don't have time or don't feel like it, (lol) I won't. buuut It's fine to ask!

Do you have a cv or something?

Indeed, you can find it in photo essay format under >portfolio >showing off (lolz)


Can I share your art?

Yes you can!  Just make sure you are doing it right by clickin the ol >legal tab.


Can I use your artwork for part of a school project?

that sounds sick, and I would like you to run it by me first, email me :D

Can I camp on your land?

Do I know you?  No?  Then No. I ain't no air bnb

For all other inquiries (such as "how dare you wear real fur" or "you should be using your *platform* for social justice" or "I would like to steal from you please", you can take a long walk off a short pier and get devoured by sharks then kiss satan's ass when you wind up in hell, and I'll see you there in a few years and answer those questions at that point.

Ok, thanks LOVE YOU! <3

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